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356 violations committed by militias in Amran province during first three months of 2017

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The Peace Organization for Social Development and Human Rights in Amran has monitored 356 violations carried out by Houthi-Saleh militias in Amran province during the first three months of this year - 2017.


According to the organization’s statistics published on April 15, the violations were divided into five main items, topped by 123 crimes against children (34.5%). The item of assault on persons comes second with 114 (32%) cases, followed by the violation of rights and freedoms with 88 (24.7%) cases. Finally, the assaults on public institutions and government facilities accounted for 29 (8%) cases of the total number.


The statistics showed that the attacks carried out by Houthi-Saleh militias against children, citizens, private property, public institutions and government facilities in Amran varied between killing and recruitment of children, injuries, kidnappings, forced displacement, bombing and raiding of homes, threatening, arbitrary dismissal, looting of property, non-payment, destruction of institutions and storming of schools.


At the same time, these statistics have proved that all arbitrarily measures taken in a systematic manner by the militia are not based on any legitimate or legal justification, and this means the militias insist on committing violations in flagrant defiance of all international laws, charters and conventions.