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Islah-Party condemns terrorist acts in Alexandria and Tanta

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Yemeni Islah-Party has condemned the terrorist acts in Egypt, urging to develop an Arab and Islamic strategy- in cooperation with the international community- to tackle the causes behind violence and terrorism.


Text of the statement :

Yemeni Islah-Party strongly condemns the terrorist attacks, which targeted two churches in Alexandria and Tanta on Sunday, and killed and wounded dozens of innocent citizens.

The region has suffered a lot from religious, intellectual and political extremism, which targets societies’ diversity and insists on imposing a one-sided vision that does not recognize the right of all citizens to equal citizenship and to share the public life. This madness deprives our peoples of their countries’ stability in various spheres of political, economic and social life.


While extending sincere condolences to the brothers in the Arab Republic of Egypt (leadership, government, people and families of the victims) and wishing the speedy recovery of the wounded, Yemeni Islah-Party calls for the need to develop a comprehensive Arab and Islamic strategic vision in cooperation with the international community, aiming at tackling the causes behind extremism and violence, and the resulting intellectual and bloody terrorism.


This vision whose implementation is proposed to be shared by both governments and peoples should be done through education, media outlets, economic reform, intellectual awareness, cultural development, raising the level of education and reducing the level of ignorance, which provides fertile ground for the growth of extremism, as well as by taking strict security procedures and conducting fair legal trials.


Issued by:

Yemeni Islah Party

April 10, 2017