Kidnapped schoolchildren died and nine wounded while en route for Houthi battlefronts
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 Six schoolchildren have been killed and nine others have been wounded in a vehicle accident, while they were en route for battlefronts to back up the Houthi militia. The boys died when their vehicle, which was transferring them to the battlefront, turned over. A local source said that the Houthis elements have deceived a group of boys and were taking them to a battlefront without the knowledge or consent of their parents. “The military vehicle transferring the boys turned over in Nqil Sumara in northern Ibb city, and six of them were killed nine wounded, some of them were taken to the hospital ICU in Ibb city. The boys were between the ages of 12-20 and belong to al Gabanah region of al Mashanah district in Ibb city
الأربعاء 01 مارس - آذار 2017
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