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More than 70 civil society organizations call on the Human Rights Council to continue to support the National Committee in Yemen

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More than 70 human rights organizations in Yemen called on the Human Rights Council to continue to support the National Commission to investigate allegations of human rights violations in Yemen.

In their letter to Human Rights Council President Joaquin Alexander Maza Martelli, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zaid bin Raad and Ambassadors of States members of the Human Rights Council, the organizations said that the National Commission of Inquiry into allegations of human rights violations has played a large role And serious in the investigation of all allegations of violations.

The organizations commended the effort and the work of the Committee through its transparent investigation into the allegations of violations of all parties without discrimination. These efforts culminated in the issuance of three reports by the Committee and monthly statements explaining its methodology and steps in continuous and uninterrupted work despite Yemen's poor security and political conditions. The organizations expressed the hope that the Human Rights Council would respond to its call and continue to support the National Committee for a number of reasons, including serving the interests of the Yemeni people and ensuring that their rights are not lost. This has been proven by many experiences and great repercussions on the work and results of these committees in different regions of the For the world, as the reasons included the right of the state of national mechanisms to carry out its duties as binding to its citizens.

It called attention to the need to be vigilant against the destruction of all the efforts of the National Committee for more than two years, through calls for the formation of an "international commission of inquiry", which means the retreat of the relevant Security Council resolutions and the work of the sanctions committee, (2140) and explained that the achievement of transitional justice and national reconciliation are issues of national dimension. The internationalization of the investigations will affect the efforts of the UN Special Envoy to Yemen to bring peace to Yemen and limit the political options available in this crisis.

It pointed out that the Yemeni people are the best and the first with the huge financial resources that will be allocated for years in the case of forming an international commission of inquiry, including reconstruction, especially as the sanctions committee of the Security Council is effective and has many powers to investigate human rights violations related to the ongoing armed conflict In Yemen, she said, since one of the goals of the Human Rights Council is to promote the rule of law in UN Member States and to ensure impunity for perpetrators of human rights violations, it requires strengthening the role of state institutions and not allowing extrajudicial groups By force of arms and the dismantling of the state.


The organizations considered that the continued support of the National Commission to investigate allegations of human rights violations was an affirmation of the Council's contribution to restoring the role of Yemeni human rights institutions, including the Independent National Commission, which had made great strides in its work despite the great challenges it faced. With the National Commission to investigate allegations of violations of human rights to assist in the implementation of its tasks in accordance with the decision to establish and serve the outcome of the victims and innocent people