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Yemeni Islah-Party strongly condemns attack on its headquarters in Aden

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The Yemeni Islah-Party has condemned in the strongest possible terms the attack on the party headquarters in Yemen’s interim capital Aden on Saturday.

According to a statement issued by the Islah General Secretariat, an armed group stormed and set fire to the party’s building at dawn on Saturday. 


“The attack on the headquarters will affect the social peace in the interim capital of Aden and harm demands and rights for which the honorable citizens of the city have fought”, stressed the General Secretary of the Islah Party in the statement.


Islah has reiterated its principled position against all forms of violence and terrorism.


Text of the statement:

The Yemeni Islah Party condemns in the strongest possible terms the cowardly terrorist attack on the headquarters of the Islah Party in Aden by armed groups, which came on board a military armored vehicle and three other cars to the headquarters located in the district of Crater at dawn on Saturday, May 6, 2017, and set fire to it, causing panic in the city and among the residents adjacent to the building.


The General Secretariat of the Yemeni Islah Party stresses that this criminal operation affects primarily the social peace in the temporary capital of Aden and harms the series of demands and rights for which the peaceful and honorable citizens of the city have fought. It also considers what happened an attempt by suspicious parties to introduce the city of peace and coexistence as a city of chaos and a haven for gangs and outlaws.


Islah reaffirms its principled position against violence and terrorism in all its forms and kinds and the need to complete the building of judicial institutions and security services on a sound national basis so that they are able to play their role in protecting citizens and securing public and private institutions in cooperation with military units and the legitimate government.

The General Secretariat calls upon the Yemeni people to maintain the gains of the national struggle, mainly the political pluralism and freedom of activity and democratic political action, and reject all totalitarian tendencies contrary to the popular sovereignty and all attempts to govern based on predominance or by force. 


It also urges all those believing in the sovereignty of the people and their right to govern themselves to unite in order to prevent the tyranny of the individual, race or one-party rule, and impede any efforts to bury these gains or bring Yemen back to the era of authoritarian monarchy or community chaos.


Additionally, the General Secretariat calls for adherence to agreements reached at the GCC and UN-brokered national dialogue conference, which laid foundations for the building of the Yemeni federal state which guarantees the rights of all citizens.


The fight of Yemenis for a stable country where freedoms are guaranteed has started since the coup seized control of the country's capital, insisting on imposing its own views on all Yemenis by force. This battle should reach us to a destination of complete absence of mafia state and despotism, and to freedoms and peace.


Since Yemen's stability is essential to the stability of the region and the world, the General Secretariat calls upon the regional and international community to assume responsibility towards the situation in Yemen, and focus support on the restoration of the Yemeni state, which would be able to maintain the world’s security and interests there.


At the same time, the statement warns against the consequences of allowing the Yemeni scene to be a hotbed of unruly gangs and violence groups whose threat will not be limited to Yemenis, but would also affect the stability of the region and the international community.


Finally, the General Secretariat urges the supreme state institutions, the security authorities and the local authority in Aden to prosecute the perpetrators and refer them to courts, and to identify those standing behind them and make an example of them by declare the results to the public so no one else would dare to disturb the country’s security and stability. It also calls on all parties and civil society organizations to defend their field of work and to condemn any attempts to target the political life or detract from the role of peaceful action.


May Allah save Yemen and its people from all evil !

Issued by :

The General Secretariat of Yemeni Islah Party