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Field report: 486 violations committed by putschists during March of 2017 in al-Mahweet province

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A human rights report issued by the Human Rights Organization's branch in al-Mahweet province has revealed that the militias of Houthis and ousted president committed 486 violations during March.


Based on the report, violations of personal rights amounted to 93 cases: 41 cases of arbitrary detention, 11 cases of torture and enforced disappearance, 16 cases of incitement to murder, 7 violations against activists and journalists, storming of a village and two houses and the displacement of 18 families from their homes withinMarch only.


The report also mentioned that the militias established a training camp, carried out a military maneuver, stored weapons in two residential blocks, set up three checkpoints, recruited 45 children and sent them to battlefronts, stormed Islah-Party’s headquarters and looted 272 food baskets allocated for the needy.


Additionally, 40 government and private facilities have been seized by the militias that have also converted 12 properties into military barracks and shut down 17 traditional schools and religious centers.


For the sixth straight month, the report says, all military and civilian personnel in the areas occupied by the militias haven’t been paid, stressing that the militias have also collected funds by forcefrom all categories of society, including traders, peddlers, students, farmers and rea estate owners, as well as threatened teachers who demand their salaries to fire them from jobs, place them in prisons and replace them with others who are loyal to the Iran-backed Houthi group.


Using all means and methods, the militias constantly practice racial incitement and inculcate depraved values and principles in schoolchildren; for example, by distorting the school curricula.


The organization calls upon all humanitarian and human rights organizations to cooperate with it, monitor all violations committed by militias in the province and document all crimes in preparation to submit them to courts.