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Islah-Partys statement on the sixth anniversary of Dignity Fridays massacre

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Today marks the sixth anniversary of Dignity Friday’s massacre, which claimed the lives of more than 50 martyrs and dozens of wounded among Yemen's innocent young people at the hands of Saleh’s hitmen, who still keeps killing Yemenis in various provinces, hoping that his people’s bloodshed would allow him to return to power and ignoring the magnitude of the disaster and tragedy caused to the Yemeni people.


The memory of Dignity Friday, which unleashed and ignited the popular revolution against the tyranny of Ali Saleh and removed him from the throne of power, will remain a source of pride and inspiration for all Yemenis in the present and the future. The revolution youth taught the best lessons of sacrifice for the sake of their country and people, and in order to free themselves from injustice, tyranny and corruption, which had prevailed for three decades.


Dignity Friday stamped the peaceful change with pure blood that watered the revolution tree to be deeply rooted in the ground while its branches embrace the sky so that the ousted was unable to uproot it.


Dignity Friday came to unleash energies of Yemenis, making them be more determined to restore their freedom and dignity as well as their state, which was transformed into a feudal entity and private investment company by the overthrown president whoreplaced the goals of September 26 revolution with his own in order to build his authoritarian rule on the ruins of the Republic that keeps receiving his stabs in the back since his rise to power due to his alliance with the remnants of the clerical imamate in a clear violation of the will of the people and their right to choose.


As far as Dignity Friday was tragic, it was also the key to their unity and cohesion in the face of the deposed president’s tyranny, and paved the way for a large part of the army to join the people and be one hand - along with all the free and honorable national forces- against despotism.


Dignity Friday will remain a crime without punishment until punishment is imposed against Saleh who has unconscientiously begun to tighten the rope around his neck, and sooner or later, the will of heaven will take revenge on him and let him be a lesson to all.


Although the immunity granted to ousted president and his accomplices has kept him out of justice, his criminal disposition that has led him to resorting to more violence and bloodshed would make him be more wanted than ever.


On this anniversary - while Yemenis are witnessing the worst forms of murder and terrorism -, we reaffirm that the machine of killing and destruction will not stop unless the killers are brought to justice and are held accountable for all the crimes they have committed against the Yemeni people. Despite all the killing and terrorism practiced by the deposed starting from Dignity Friday through the coup against legitimacy and ending with waging a comprehensive war on Yemen in a desperate attempt to regain power, the youth who - brought about the change revolution and bled their blood for it- keep a lookout for him and would uproot him.


Tomorrow is another day

And it will teach those who wronged any return overturn.

Issued by: Yemeni Islah-Party

March 18, 2017